Whether you call it a fanny pack in the United States or a ‘bum bag’ over in the United Kingdom, there’s no denying that this little bag is incredibly helpful at times. The fanny pack makes the perfect companion for those days out on vacation with the family, and the perfect bag for festivals like Coachella to store your money, keys and wallet inside. The only problem when it comes to fanny packs is that they are incredibly obvious, which makes them a perfect target for thieves. As soon as a thief spots a fanny pack, they automatically know that it stores valuables within; which may lead them to trying to rob it from you either forcefully, or without you knowing. 

You’d have thought that fanny packs would be hard to steal from due to it being wrapped around your waist, but you’d be surprised as to how many people have theirs stolen without them knowing. Sometimes it can get a little hot when wearing a fanny pack, which causes many people to place their bag down.This is the perfect opportunity for thieves to sneak behind and steal the bag without the person knowing. To mitigate the risk of your fanny pack being stolen, or having your valuables stolen on a day out, you should invest in an anti-theft fanny pack. Here are the best you can get your hands on right now:

1: Travel Money Belt With RFID by Peak Gear

My choice for the best anti-theft fanny pack has to be the travel money belt by Peak Gear. It is an affordable and stylish anti-theft fanny pack which makes the perfect travel accessory for your holidays. It’s light and comfortable and comes with the choice of a few colorways, being beige, black and gray. Peak Gear has ensured that the money belt will fit any size waist due to a snug adjustable strap which is secured with a premium lock-tight safety buckle.  It also features breathable skinsoft backing, meaning that it’s not uncomfortable and sweaty when wearing this premium fanny-pack. 

In terms of safety features, the fanny pack is discreet and relatively compact, meaning that if you choose to, you can hide it underneath baggy tops and hoodies. It is also waterproof and offers inside pockets, meaning that you don’t run the risk of damaging your phone, important documents, or other valuables inside, even in the most threatening of weather. The real benefit of the travel money belt by Peak Gear is the fact that it comes with a lifetime warranty of any lost items, theft insurance and RFID sleeves, meaning that you will be completely protected from electronic theft.

Safety Features:

  • RFID Sleeves
  • Premium YKK Zippers
  • Variety Of Different Pockets
  • Lock-Tight Buckle
  • Ripstop Nylon
  • Theft Protection Instructions


  • Premium Materials
  • RFID Block Protection
  • Variety Of Pockets (Inner and Outer)


  • Only Black, Gray and Beige Colorway

2: RFID Money Belt by Alpha Keeper

If you’re looking for a cost effective money belt which is both stylish and offers just about everything you need, then consider the RFID Money belt by Alpha Keeper. The fanny pack comes with a wide variety of colorways to choose between and can be picked up for just under $20. It is the perfect fanny pack for travelling abroad due to the fact that it comes with 7 RFID blocking sleeves, meaning that the worries of identity theft won’t be a problem. With some anti-theft fanny packs, you will find that they have RFID technology which only protects one side of the bag, meaning that there is still a chance of being stolen from; with Alpha Keepers fanny pack, this is not a problem due to 360 degree protection. The bag is made of 210D RipStop Nylon meaning that it is also very difficult to rip and tear, so your belongings will be more than safe within. 

Safety Features:

  • 360 Degree RFID Sleeves
  • RipStop Nylon
  • Mesh BackPocket
  • Stretchable
  • YKK Zippers


  • Premium Quality Materials Used
  • RFID Technology
  • Variety of Colorways
  • Lightweight


  • Needs A Little More Room On Zippered Pockets

3: Anti-Theft Travel Money Belt by Raytix

Consider the anti-theft fanny pack made by Raytix if your main priorities are comfort and security. The fanny pack is incredibly lightweight and offers perfectly sized pockets to fit your cards, cash, passport, and phone within. The product is incredibly lightweight making it extra-comfortable and also very affordable if you don’t have much of a budget set aside. The anti-theft bag stores RFID technology within, meaning that you won’t be a victim of electronic thieves, and the bag itself is very unnoticeable; you can quite easily tuck it under a jumper, hoodie or coat. There is also a large choice of colors to choose between to match any outfit. The anti-theft money belt has been manufactured with ripstop nylon and is also water-resistant so you needn’t worry about rainy conditions. 

Safety Features:

  • RFID Technology
  • RipStop Nylon


  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Affordability
  • Lightweight


  • Can Get Hot In Warm Weather

4: Anti-Theft Money Belt by LANNEY

Another great addition to the list of best anti theft fanny packs is the RFID money belt made by LANNEY. The bag is catered for just about every individual, being perfect for both men and women with an adjustable strap (27”-50”), and many different colorways to choose between. The fanny pack is super safe when it comes to identity fraud and electronic thieves as it is protected by 3-built in layers of RFID technology, making it completely impenetrable. It has skin-friendly breathable backing, making it comfortable on those hot summer days on vacation and has a high-quality safe buckle, preventing the bag from coming loose. The bag is incredibly affordable and makes the perfect gift to give to your friends and family for birthdays. The real benefit of purchasing the money belt through LANNEY is that they offer a full refund if you are unhappy with the product, or a replacement if it is damaged. 

Safety Features:

  • RFID Technology
  • RipStop Nylon
  • Waterproof Material
  • Extra Protected Credit Card Sleeves Included


  • Extra Sleeves Included
  • RFID
  • Comfortable
  • Affordable


  • Limited Strap (27”-50”)

5: Minimalist Design Money Belt by VENTURE 4TH 

Venture 4th anti-theft fanny pack

The slim minimalist money belt made by Venture 4th had to make the list as it’s a favorite of avid fanny pack users. The fanny pack has been designed in a way that it looks very minimalistic, meaning that you can barely notice somebody wearing the fanny pack. It can be easily tucked underclothes to completely conceal the fanny pack if needs be. It has been manufactured with a mesh material meaning that it is completely waterproof and fashionable and comes with a large capacity to store all of your belongings within, be it your phone, cash, cards, and passport. In terms of anti-theft capabilities, the material has been lined with radio frequency shielding material to protect from electronic theft and offers strong zips to secure your contents within. The only reason as to why this product is further down the list is because of the fact that the material used is mesh, which is easier to rip than Ripstop Nylon.

*You can also receive 20% off the product if you decide to purchase a quick-dry towel to go with it*

Safety Features:

  • RFID Technology
  • Water Resistance


  • Breathable Design
  • Anti-Theft Technology
  • Water-Resistant
  • Multiple Colours


  • Mesh Is Easier To Cut With A Knife Or Other Sharp Objects.

Buyer’s Guide

What is an Anti-Theft Bag?

An anti-theft bag is a type of bag which has been specifically designed to keep belongings safe and away from electronic thieves. They are often used by individuals who don’t want to take a backpack with them abroad and are scared of having their valuable belongings stolen on their days out. The safety features included in these bags usually consist of RFID anti theft technology which blocks electronic signals, and if penetrated, will notify the victim if they have been thieved.

Are Anti-Theft Fanny Packs Easy To Steal?

Most people would have thought that fanny packs are some of the most difficult bags to steal as they are so visible to the person wearing them, but this is not always the case. Thieves may either pick up the bag whilst you’re not looking, cut the straps off the bag whilst next to you, or simply snatch it from you without you even realizing. This is the reason as to why you should invest in an anti-theft fanny pack or money belt.

Are Fanny Packs Safe For Travel?

Fanny packs are relatively safe for travel because of how visible they are, however this does not mean that they are entirely safe. You should always make sure to check that you have your fanny pack on you at all times, especially if you are storing your belongings there. 

Is A Fanny Pack Considered A Personal Item For Travelling Abroad?

Fanny packs are considered to be personal attire by airlines when traveling abroad. This means that you can wear your fanny pack throughout the airport and plane without any questions being raised. 

Are Money Belts Secure?

Money belts are an alternative way of storing money. These belts are incredibly secure and work as a normal belt would but offer small pockets to store cash inside. If you want to avoid wearing a fanny pack, you can use a money belt to secure your valuables and cash. 

How Much Do I Need To Invest In An Anti-Theft Fanny Pack?

As anti-theft fanny packs are relatively cheap, you can pick up a pretty decent bag for a fairly small sum. However, if you’re looking to save money, you should consider which features are most important to you, as well as the aesthetics of the bag.

5 Reasons Why You Should Own an Anti-Theft Fanny Pack

Safer For Travel

Fanny packs are arguably the safest type of bag you can take with you on vacation. They are much safer than standard backpacks because of the fact that they are visible at all times. If you were to wear a backpack whilst you’re on holiday in a busy tourist destination, you may have your belongings taken from your backpack without you knowing. Master thieves have studied exactly how to rob somebody without them having any idea, and a standard backpack is simple for them to steal from.

Lighter To Carry

A fanny pack is much smaller than a regular backpack. It also sits around your waist meaning that there is less pressure being placed on your shoulders and back. The only drawback is that because it’s much smaller and lighter, you can’t store as many things inside as you can a regular backpack. 

They Can Be Hidden Under A Top

One great benefit of fanny packs is the fact that they can be hidden under your top. If you’re a fan of baggy tops and hoodies, you can use these to your advantage by simply storing the fanny pack underneath. This would mitigate the risk of having your belongings stolen even more, as the bag isn’t even visible. (It may just look like you have a bit of a belly) 

Perfect Storage For Small Valuables

The fanny pack offers perfect storage for small valuables. Some of the fanny packs within my list offer multiple pockets and zips which can be used for a variety of different objects. Be it cash, rings, necklaces, credit cards, your passport, or your phone. 

Provides Strong Distinguished Look

One of the most important reasons to remember when buying a fanny pack is the distinguished look it provides you with. Because admit it, they look pretty badass!

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