You’ve been saving up your wages for a couple of months to go on the perfect city getaway with your partner or family, but are paranoid about the valuables you are taking with you to the hotel. Most people have a unique valuable which is personal to them and keep it with them almost everywhere they go, and losing that item would crush them.

When staying in hotels, many individuals have found that their valuables have gone missing whilst they have been out of their hotel room, and have just come to the conclusion that they have simply lost the item as opposed to somebody stealing it; leaving many people worrying about booking a hotel stay… Well, worry no more, as you can prevent this problem by hiding your valuables within the hotel room itself. This article outlines exactly where to hide valuables in a hotel room and some key things to consider when doing so.

What Valuables Would I Need To Hide?

Wedding Ring Image

Wedding Rings

Wedding rings are an incredibly important piece of jewelry that signifies your love for your partner. Usually, they are kept on the ring finger at all times, however, it isn’t uncommon for people to take them off every once in a while. If you do decide to take your wedding ring off and leave it in the hotel room you should make sure that it is well hidden, as they are very expensive in price and are emotionally irreplaceable. 

Irreplaceable Items

You may find that you have an item that is no longer available to buy or purchase anywhere, and losing it means that you would have no way of replacing it ever again. 

Meaningful Childhood Items

We all have something from our parents which reminds us of our childhood and makes us happy. Losing this particular item could cause you to suffer emotionally, so make sure to hide it well if you are going to take it with you to the hotel. 

Expensive Watches

Watch brands such as Rolex are incredibly expensive to buy and are usually passed down the family chain due to their worth. This, therefore, makes them a huge target for thieves to steal. 


Most people have jewelry that has either been passed down through the family or given to you from a special person, and losing it would not only be emotionally upsetting, but incredibly expensive to replace. Be sure to hide jewelry effectively in the hotel room if you are bringing it with you from home. 

Where To Hide Valuables In A Hotel Room? 

Hotel Room

Secret Safes

Secret safes/diversion safes are becoming incredibly popular within households these days due to the increased risk of being robbed. These particular safes can be easily hidden within plain sight and mimic the likes of regular items you would have around the house. I have conducted a list of some of the best-hidden safes you can buy right now, which consists of fake clocks, rocks, and books that all have secret containers within. Bring a book safe with you on your hotel visit and store the valuables within the book; the book can then be hidden within your suitcase and out of reach for thieves.  

Your Own Personal Safe

Something that you could do to decrease the chances of your things being stolen is to take your own personal safety as opposed to using the hotels. Of course, it can’t exactly be hidden within the room, but if the safe is locked, there is no way anybody else can access it! Just remember to take the key with you. 

Within Your Clothes Pockets

Be sure to hide your valuables within your pockets of clothing that you aren’t wearing. Keep your clothes packed into your bag instead of storing them in the wardrobe and place your jewelry in the pockets and stack them on top of each other. Nobody is going to want to start messing with your clothes in your bag, as it will look blatantly obvious that somebody has been searching your room for valuables. 

Duct Tape

I know it may seem strange to take duct tape with you on your weekend away, but in terms of security, it works a treat. You could quite easily use duct tape to stick your valuables in high or hidden places. For example, you could stick them underneath the bed, or on the ceiling; just don’t forget that you have hidden it there. 

On Top Of The Shelf

It sounds simple, but simple works. Store your items in high places on top of shelves and wardrobes so that they are completely out of sight and inaccessible for some.

Within The DVD Player

Turns out that DVD players aren’t just useful for watching movies but also make a neat little hiding place. If the hotel has a DVD player, press the eject button and store it within… Who’d think of looking there? The only problem is that the DVD player slot only has a very small space in terms of storage, which means u can’t store larger items. However, you can easily hide rings, necklaces, and bracelets in there with ease. 

In a DVD Case

Film-related again, but why not store your valuables within a DVD case? There is plenty of space inside even with the disc included. 

Within A Cushion

Most hotels will usually come with some sort of couch in, so you can use this to your advantage. Why not undo the zips and put your valuables within the material? You can place them right at the bottom or within the cotton so that they are completely hidden. 

Hidden Flask

Similar to secret safes, but hidden flasks are also a great way to hide or store items. They are usually used to hide alcohol in plain sight, but they do offer a lot of space that you can utilize by storing your valuables within. You can get secret flasks like an Umbrella flask, which screws off and offers space inside. Nobody would think for one minute to check an umbrella for valuables, because I mean… who does that? 


It may sound simple, but you could hide small valuables like jewelry within your shoes. Yes, it may be a little stinky, but no one’s going to want to root deep through your shoes. 


Same story as the shoes really, use your socks as smelly storage devices for your valuables and hide within your suitcase. 

What To Consider?

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There are quite a few things that you need to consider when hiding valuables in your hotel room and they are as follows:

Surely Hotels Are Safe?

You may have read through the article thinking to yourself, “surely hotels are safe… you can use their safes”, and although most of the time that’s correct, there have been many cases where cleaners and hotel staff have been found taking assets from guests rooms. According to a report by, they found “nearly 1 in 3 confessed to seeing a co-worker steal cash on the job, while 16% said they were guilty of taking the jewelry out of a guest’s room during or after their stay”. This, therefore, eludes to the idea that hotel rooms aren’t all safe and you should take precautions when taking valuables with you. 

Use Tracker

Covert tracking devices are increasingly being used by individuals so that they can track their valuables if they have miraculously gone missing. The technology used is usually hidden in plain sight, and either stuck onto surfaces through magnetization or through using a support; and provides a 24/7 report on where the item is through an app. Of course, you won’t be able to use a tracking device on small items such as jewelry, however, you could quite easily fit a small tracking device into a larger valuable object. 

Hotel Safes

Most hotel safes are generally safe to use, especially if they are hosted in the lobby in front of the front desk. It all depends on the quality of the hotel and the staff. You must always consider how accessible the safe is to a staff member because even I myself, have had money robbed from a safe abroad when I was on holiday… 

Encourage Thieves With Diversion Money – Catch Them Red-Handed

It has been found that many individuals have actually been known to leave spare cash lying around during the day to catch thieves. If you remember exactly how much you have left out and it goes missing, you will be able to inform the hotel that there is a thief amongst the premises, and then catch them red-handed. 

How Important Is This Valuable To You?

You must always consider whether or not it’s actually worth taking the valuable with you on your weekend away. Sometimes it may make more sense to leave your goods at home where you know they are safe; then you can have an enjoyable stress-free weekend away with your partner. 

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