Hiding a house key is difficult in general as everywhere you seem to place the key feels unsafe and easy for a thief to find; now imagine you live in an apartment! Space is limited and hiding spots are very difficult to find outside of your own front door. You share a corridor with many different neighbors and are wondering where exactly you can hide your key without anybody else knowing. Well, we have some good news for you, as we have found the best spots and devices to hide your key in an apartment building. 

Apartment and balcony

Use Of Magnetic Case

One way of hiding your key in an apartment building is to invest in a magnetic key case that will stick to any steel surface. These key cases tend to be rust-free and are very durable meaning that if your apartment block has any kind of metal guttering, you can hide your key inside and nobody would have any idea of its whereabouts. 

Fake Clock Safe/Behind Pictures In Corridor

If you have any pictures in your apartment corridor, why not make use of them and hide your spare key behind it. You could also invest in a fake clock safe which could sit in the hallway and keep your key inside. These particular safes are secured by a lock and key so you needn’t worry about anyone breaking open the safe. 

Fake Clock Safe

Under The Carpet

Many apartment blocks tend to have a carpet installed throughout every level. If the carpet has not been refurbished for a long time, you may notice that it has small pulls and openings throughout. On your particular level, you should look for small openings in the carpet where you could then store a spare key. You must make sure that nobody else sees you store your key here and also make sure that you don’t push the key too far down the carpet so that it is inaccessible to you. 

Hidden Electrical Wall Safe

These misleading wall safes are brilliant when it comes to hiding your valuables. The product mimics that of an electrical outlet, which once installed, can be pivoted out to expose a hidden compartment. This hidden compartment makes the perfect place to hide your spare key. The outlet is very simple to install and can be done within minutes to provide the perfect hiding spot in your apartment building. 

Hidden Electrical Wall Safe

Stick Behind Corridor Lights

Every apartment corridor will have lights installed. Use these lights to your advantage by hiding or sticking your spare key behind them. If the light is big enough, you should be able to safely conceal the key without anybody knowing of its whereabouts.

Give To Apartment Clerk (If You Have One)

If you have an apartment clerk or receptionist, you should always consider hiding your spare key with them as they will most likely have access to a security box. If you’re unfortunate enough to lose your main key, you can simply ask your receptionist for the spare! 

Key Safe

Although they are very obvious, a key safe is a perfect place to hide your key in an apartment building. You can install this handy safe device right next to your front door and set a passcode to reveal the key. The only problem is that there is the possible chance that somebody could get the passcode, however, if you change this regularly there would be very little chance of somebody attaining your key. 

Key Lock Safe

Swap With A Neighbor

If you have a close relationship with your neighbor, you should consider giving your spare key to them. If you happen to lose your main key, simply ask your neighbor for the spare one.

 Fake Rock For Outside

Although it sounds silly, you can actually invest in a fake rock safe which you could leave in the garden. These rock safes are very realistic and can be left in the garden of the apartment block. The rock safe is secured with a key and has enough space to store your apartment key. 

Fake Rock With Key Compartment

In Your Car

One of the safest possible places to hide your key in an apartment block is in your car. If you have a car that you park outside of your apartment or in a garage, make sure to keep your spare key inside to avoid anybody else finding it. You could hide the key in the glove box, boot, or supplied storage compartment in the middle of the car. 

In Your Wallet

One of the primary places you should remember to hide your spare key is within your wallet. Wallets tend to come with a variety of different hidden pockets which make the perfect place to store your spare key. Apartment buildings don’t offer much space to hide a spare key so using your wallet is probably your best bet. 

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