Making sure that your security camera is functional and working is one thing, keeping it clean and accurate is another. If you want to keep on top of your home security, you must make sure that you regularly clean your security camera lens so that the footage it films is the best quality it possibly can be. If a crime takes place, the police will need the security footage from your camera to identify the potential suspect and with a dirty lens, it will only make the job harder for the police. Here’s the best possible way to clean a security camera lens. 

CCTV Security Camera

What Will You Need To Clean A Security Camera Lens?

  • Compressed air of some sort (Vacuum/Breath/Compressed Air Can)
  • Lens Cleaner Solution
  • Microfibre Cloth


First Step: You must first make sure to switch off the CCTV Camera to prevent any damage happening to moving parts of the camera. If your security camera is simple to dismantle and reattach, I would recommend doing so, as your cleaning will be more thorough and accurate. 

Second Step: If you have a can of compressed air or a vacuum cleaner, you should then use this to blow off any loose materials, dirt, grit, or leaves from the camera. If there is only dust on the camera you can probably get away with blowing on the camera. The reason as to why you may need to use a can of compressed air is to avoid getting any finger marks or scratches on the camera lens itself. A scratched camera lens will impact the quality of the footage taken.

Third Step: With a dry microfiber cloth, make sure to wipe the contents of the security camera lens. The reason as to why you need a microfibre cloth is because microfiber cloths trap much more dust and dirt than regular cloths do. Then, use your lens cleaner solution to clean the camera with the cloth.

Fourth Step: The fourth and final step is to dry off the camera with the other side of the microfiber cloth, or another alternative cloth. You can then check your footage to see if the camera lens is clean.

How Often Do I Need To Clean My Security Camera Lens?

Experts recommend cleaning your security camera lens on a monthly basis. By doing this, it ensures that the footage your security camera records is accurate and clear.

Benefits Of Keeping Your Security Camera Lens Clean

Assisting Law Enforcement: If a crime has taken place and you have CCTV footage of the incident, you will be able to hand that footage over to the police or local authorities to assist in the arrest of the criminal.

Prevent Crime: Having a clean and working security camera will decrease the likelihood of home invasion and other crimes. If a thief or criminal spots a security camera, it will more than likely prevent them from committing a crime. Thieves commonly try to cut security camera wires to gain access to a property or business and a clean working camera will prevent this from happening.

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Cleaner Footage: Having cleaner footage will mean that it will be easier to identify an individual or event. No more squinting or guessing, you already have the evidence.

Preventing Hazardous Incidents: If you regularly check your security camera footage, you may notice something hazardous. This could be absolutely anything, whether it be a broken light waiting to fall, a slippery surface, or a wild animal on the loose. 

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