Everybody that drives a vehicle knows just how expensive purchasing, maintaining and insuring a car is so the last thing that we would want to happen is for the car to be stolen. Replacing a vehicle is a difficult process not only financially but mentally as well, due to the stress of cost and finding the time to try and retrieve it. It’s not always a simple job for the police to locate a missing car and especially when there is no evidence to work from either.

One way in which you could aid the police though is through photographic or video evidence produced from a camera. Many individuals already have dashcams installed to provide evidence or their driving view, but not many people think about recording the interior of the car. The only problem is, you don’t want to leave valuables in your vehicle as it may actually invite thieves to break into the car to steal them, however, one way you can stop this from happening whilst gaining evidence is to hide or disguise a camera within your car. This blog explains how to hide a camera in your car and inform you of some of the key things you need to consider when hiding it. 

Why Would You Hide Your Camera In The Car?

Interior of a car


Vandalism is a serious problem that the authorities are trying to combat yet can’t do much about due to how spontaneous and random the act is. Acts of vandalism can be caused due to a variety of different issues, with the likes of substance abuse, hatred, or potentially even relationship issues. If you were to hide a camera within the car, it could be placed in a way that would reveal the vandal and used to aid you in gaining money for repairs or fighting a legal battle. 


A key reason why you would hide a camera in your car is due to theft. It is very common for cars to be broken into for valuables and belongings which have been left on the seats. According to Wikipedia, in 2012 there were an estimated 721,053 motor vehicle thefts in the United States, and this figure will disregard petty theft of cash from the inside of the car. If a camera is hidden and recording the interior of your vehicle, you will be sure to catch the criminal red-handed. 

How To Hide A Camera In Your Car

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Hiding a camera in your car does seem like a pretty difficult task especially when there aren’t many places to hide them. You can’t hide them within secret storage spaces like at home, but, have you thought about these particlar places? Probably not!

Car Rear Mirror/ Windscreen

A camera could be clipped to your rearview mirror or placed on the windscreen whilst being disguised as another modern technological device.

Air Freshener

Now strictly speaking you couldn’t hide a camera within an air freshener as they are so small and thin, but you could fit a dual-camera dashcam behind the air fresheners or fit a dashcam facing the inside of the car. The camera could be covered with air fresheners to minimize the likelihood of a vandal spotting it. 


Somewhere which would be difficult to hide a camera but possible if you were to ask a specialist for bespoke speakers, is within car speakers. You could get car speakers made with a camera hidden inside, of course, this is incredibly niche but there will be somebody out there who can provide this service. 

Infix Within The Cloth  

Infixation is where you implant or insert an object into another object or material. This technique could be used if you were to cut out or especially ask for a specialist to infix a small camera that could be hidden in the seat’s fabric. If you were to invest in a mini camera, the lens would be the only visible asset and would provide a clear view of the rear seats. The only problem with infixation is that you wouldn’t have a clear view of the front of the car, however, if you were to couple this within another hidden camera, you would have plenty of evidence if your car was to be broken into. 

Disguise or Camouflage 

Disguising or camouflaging, in general, is a great way to hide objects that you don’t want to be seen. Yes, it’s a little more difficult when hiding them in small spaces like cars, but that doesn’t go to say that you couldn’t do it. You could hide your small camera in the likes of a bobblehead which could sit on the dash, in sunglass clips or maybe within hanging dice from your rearview mirror!


In terms of successfully hiding things, one of the best ways to actually do it is through diversion techniques. For example, you could actually set up a fake camera as a visible deterrent to trick the person; that would attract attention and divert the trespasser from the camera which is hidden. If they were to see a visible camera they would do everything they can to solely avoid that particular camera, whilst not thinking about any additional devices within the car. 

What Do You Need To Consider?

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1. Don’t Make It Obvious

Number one rule when hiding a camera in your car, DON’T MAKE IT OBVIOUS. The whole point of you hiding a camera is to catch a vandal if they were to damage or break into your car. By having a visible camera on show, you may find that they will actually attract people to break into your car, as cameras and especially dashcams are rather expensive. 

2. Use Of A Mini Camera 

One of the main things you need to consider when working out how to hide a camera in your car is by investing in a mini camera. This is due to the fact that it’s very difficult to hide a camera in a place like a car because of how small and visible everything is. Having a small camera will mean that the camera will be much easier to hide and may allow you to infix within objects or the car seat material. 

3. Blind Spots 

Always make sure to consider where the blind spots in your car are when setting up a hidden camera. Of course, it will be most likely impossible to cover every single angle of the interior, so you need to make sure to weigh up exactly where you want to monitor and figure out how you are going to do it. 

5. Microphone Capabilities? 

When purchasing a camera to hide in the car, you need to weigh up the price of the product as well as the capabilities and features that you get with it. Features such as having wireless capabilities, color and the way in which you retrieve the footage will aid the user in terms of evidence for the police. 

6. Getting The Data?

Be sure to consider how exactly you are going to receive the footage recorded on your hidden camera. If the footage is stored locally, the camera would only be beneficial if items had been stolen from your car. What I mean by this is that if the actual car itself was stolen, you would have no way of accessing the data without retrieving your car back. Try to invest in a camera that sends data back wirelessly to an app or your phone so that you have accessible information. 

7. How Are You Going To Power It?

How exactly is the device going to be charged? Do you need batteries or does it need charging every couple hours/days? If the camera needs a wired connection you will have to find a way to charge it from your car which may prove to be difficult. 

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