For anybody who has installed security cameras on the outside of their house to protect from home invasion, you must make sure that you know how to prevent thieves from cutting them; as this will be the main way that they will gain access to your property. The first thing a thief will do when casing your house will be to scout out any security cameras around the property, where they will then try their best to either destroy the camera or prevent the footage from being taken. You must make sure that you’re a step ahead of them and set up a variety of different protective measures to prevent thieves from cutting the security wires outside. Here’s how…

Speak To Your Neighbours


One of the simplest but most effective ways of preventing thieves from cutting security wires is to speak to a few of your neighbors. Simply tell them that you have installed security wires/cameras/perimeter alarms around your property and ask them to keep an eye on your home. In return, you do the same for them. Having a close neighborhood watch community can highly decrease the chances of your home being broken into.

Set Up Cameras Inside Of The House

Security Camera

Make sure to set up security cameras inside of the house to prevent security wires from being cut outside. If you plant the cameras so that they are facing towards the wires and any other security measures you have outside, a thief will most likely spot this and leave your property. 

Think About Wire Placement

Security Wire

You must make sure to think about the placement of your security wires when you first set them up. Make sure that they are visible to you at all times to prevent them from being cut.

Use Of Tamper Detection Cameras

Camera Detecting Humans

Tamper Detection Cameras are incredibly useful to anybody who’s invested in bettering their home security. A tamper detection camera essentially is a security camera that will send you an alert when the camera itself is tampered with. If a thief decides to try and fiddle with your camera or cut the wires, you will receive a signal from the camera on your smartphone.

Perimeter Alarm

Security Warning

Set up a perimeter alarm around the property to prevent thieves from coming near your property. A perimeter alarm would be set up to protect the whole household and if the alarm detects movement, it will notify you. If a thief spotted a perimeter alarm, they would leave the property swiftly and if they were caught by one, would most likely be caught and arrested by the police. These should be used in conjunction with security wires to prevent thieves from a home invasion.

Set Up Lights

Brick Wall With Light

It sounds simple, but one really smart way of improving your home security and preventing thieves from cutting security wires outside is to keep the outside of your property well lit. The lighter the outside of your property is, the more you will be able to see.

Security Sign

Security Sign

Be sure to put a sign on the walls or gate of your property to inform those who approach that your property is secured with home security equipment. This will scare many thieves off.

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