We’ve all been there when we were younger; you’ve not completed your weekly chores or have been rude to your parents, and as a result of that, have had one of your valuables taken off of you. It’s incredibly infuriating and as a child, there isn’t much you can do except wait for them to give it back… They may have taken your mobile phone or your favourite toy and hidden it somewhere amongst the house, and you have no idea where and you’ve been looking for it all day… Well today you’re in luck, because we’re about to tell you exactly where parents normally tend to hide things. 

Where Do Parents Normally Tend To Hide Things?

Parent telling off child

Parent’s Bedroom (Under their bed/Wardrobe)

Your parent’s bedroom is most likely where they have hidden your favourite thing. After all, you’re not supposed to go in there right? They will have probably hidden it here because you’re not supposed to go in there and it’s also pretty obvious if you’ve gone looking in there as well. Your toys or gadgets have most likely been hidden under the bed in those little storage compartments or have made their way into the wardrobe amongst all of their messy clothes. If it’s your mobile phone which has been taken off of you, you may even find that it may be stashed within one of your parents coats or jackets within the wardrobe. 

If you’re going to be risky and are going to go and try and retrieve your stuff, be sure to be sneaky and try and avoid being caught because you could land yourself in some real trouble. Give yourself an action plan and quickly check any potential hiding spots in their room without leaving any evidence behind. 


The Attic is another key place where parents tend to hide things. Attic’s are usually fairly spacious meaning that there are plenty of places to hide your things. They are also out of the way and in your parents eyes, the perfect spot to hide things. Sometimes attics can also be quite difficult to enter, so if you plan to go looking in the attic, make sure the coast is clear and avoid being caught.


Similar to the attic, the garage is also a prime spot where parents normally tend to hide things. Think about it, the garage is one of the messiest places in the house, all of the rubbish and outdoor stuff is thrown in there meaning that if they wanted to hide anything, they could hide it very easily amongst all of the crap… If you go searching in the garage and are caught by your parents, be sure to use the excuse that you’re just grabbing a ball, or are looking for something else. 

Storage Cupboard

If your parents don’t suspect you will go looking for your things, they will most likely have hidden your gadget in a simple storage cupboard amongst the house. It could even be stashed away with cutlery or old plates, as they will not think you would even bother to go looking there.

Under the Stairs

One of the oldest and most common places that parents normally tend to hide things is under the stairs. In most households, there is usually a small cupboard under the stairs which store all of those throwaway items your parents tend to hardly use. They may have stored your belongings there as the room is dark and full of clutter.

Parent’s Cars

Parents Car

You may find that your belongings have been hidden outside of the house and put in the boot or parcel shelf within their car. They may have done this because you can’t enter the car without the keys and they most likely have them on them at all times. In all honesty, it’s probably best that you avoid looking for your stuff within their cars as you may land yourself in a lot of trouble if they catch you. 

Consider Their Hobbies

If you’ve searched everywhere in your house and have no idea where your belongings may be, it may be that your parents have taken them far away; so that they are totally inaccessible to you. For example, if your Mom or Dad likes to go to the gym, they may have stored your gadget in the safety box there, meaning that there is no way for you to get it back, and you will simply have to wait for them to return it to you. 

Parent’s Workplaces

One of the most common places parents will hide things, is at their place of work. Think about it, if you’ve had your phone taken off you, you last saw Mom put it in her handbag, and her handbag goes with her everywhere. She will most likely have taken it to work and have left it there so that you can’t retrieve it. 

Secret Storage Compartments – Hidden Flasks

If you didn’t know then you do now, there are a variety of different items that look similar to ordinary items which are used as secret storage compartments. Secret flasks for example, are designed to mimic ordinary household items, and offer a lock and space inside to store things. You may find that the clock in the living room actually has a hidden compartment inside to store things inside. If your parents have invested in a secret safe or hidden flask, you may find that your things will be much harder to find. 

Under Floorboards 


If your parents have gone over the top, you may have found that they have hidden your stuff under the floorboards. If this is the case, don’t go looking. Sometimes floorboards are easy to take off and offer ample space under the house to store things. 

What Do Parents Take Off Of Their Kids The Most?

Here are the items that parents normally take off of their children, all dependent upon age. 

  • Phones
  • Gaming Devices (PS4, XBOX)
  • Favourite Shoes
  • Computer
  • Toys
  • Tablets
  • Ipad
  • TV

What To Do When You’ve Found It

Child with phone

Remember To Put It Back

If you’ve hastily gone looking for your stuff after finding it within one of these secret hiding spaces, you must remember to put it back once you’ve finished using it. Make sure to be stealthy and return it to the exact place that you’ve found it, so that your parents have no idea. Remember, you are not supposed to have this item and if they find that you have taken it back, you may receive an even bigger punishment for disobeying them. 

Don’t Leave Any Evidence

One of the biggest things to remember when looking for your stuff, is to not leave behind any evidence. If you have made it obvious that you have been looking for your missing stuff and have left a trail of mess, you may find that they will take it off you for even longer and may even ground you. 

Consequences Of Looking

If you are caught, you may find that you receive one of the following punishments from your parents:

  • Grounded
  • They May Take It Off You For Longer
  • No Christmas Presents
  • No Birthday Presents