Cats are absolute masters of stealth and hiding, so being frightened by your own pet sneaking up on you isn’t out of the ordinary. You may want to sneak up on your cat for a variety of different reasons, whether it be to cut their nails and groom them or just simply to play a game. Some cats are incredibly playful and playing games with them will not only improve your relationship with your feline friend but also make them more comfortable being around you; allowing you to cut their nails easier and remove any lugs from their fur.

Here are some tips you should consider when sneaking up on your cat.

Consider Your Clothing

Clothing Rack

If you’re sneaking up on a cat, you must always remember to consider your clothing. This is because of the fact that wearing heavy clothing or jewelry may create noise which will alarm your cat. Remember, cats have much sharper hearing than humans do; LSU reported that a cat’s hearing range is 45 to 64,000 Hz, in comparison to 64 to 23,000 Hz in humans. Noise from jewelry will more than likely alert your cat so make sure you’re wearing soft clothing like tracksuit bottoms and a hoodie to avoid making any extra noise. 

Master Quiet Footsteps

Mastering quiet footsteps are imperative if you are wanting to sneak up on your cat to play. Master fox walking techniques to move silently will greatly reduce the chances of your cat hearing you walk through your house. 

Don’t Make Any Verbal Noise (Unless Grooming Them)

Verbal Noise

It goes without saying really, if you want to sneak up on your cat you must avoid making any verbal noise. Grunts, groans, sneezes, coughs are all things you must try your best to avoid if you’re sneaking up to play with your cat or are wanting to groom them. 

Don’t Knock Anything Over

On your path, you must make sure to avoid making any unnecessary noise. If you see any loose objects on your path, do your best job to avoid knocking them over to avoid startling your furry friend. 

Why Would You Need To Sneak Up On A Cat?

Playing Games

Tabby cat playing game

One reason as to why you would need to sneak up on a cat is to play games with them. If your cat is the playful type, playing games with them will make them more comfortable with you, meaning that they will be more inclined to be groomed and go to the vets. They will confide and trust you more if you show them more attention and love. 


Whilst the majority of cats enjoy being groomed, some definitely don’t. If your cat has major lugs in its fur to the extent that they can hardly move, you will have to find a way of getting them out. You may need to sneak up on your cat so that you can take them to the vets or try and sort out the lugs yourself.

Trimming Nails

Cat With Long Nails

The same goes for trimming nails, loads of cats hate it! The problem is that sometimes cat claws can get incredibly long to the extent that they get stuck in materials, which may actually damage your pet. You may need to sneak up on your pet to trim its nails.

What To Consider?

Make Sure They Are Comfortable With You

Owner Cuddling Cat

If you’re sneaking up on your cat with the intention of playing games with them, you must make sure that your cat is comfortable with you. This is because if your cat is a little frightened of you and is startled by you sneaking up on them, you may find that they could become less inclined to be around you and may avoid petting and food, which could, therefore, lead to them leaving your home. 

Don’t Frighten Your Cat

If you know sneaking up on them will cause them distress, don’t do it! Ease your relationship through treats – they may scratch you or it may worsen your relationship with them. 

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