Now everybody has some sort of irreplaceable item that they obsess over, whether that be jewelry, money or a gift given to you from a special person. You would do anything to avoid losing this valuable and are afraid of them going missing or being stolen, but have no idea how to keep it secure. Well… have you ever considered securing them in a secret safe?

I have compiled a list of the best secret safes that can easily be hidden within your home, and no one but you would know of its whereabouts. They are affordable and blend in naturally with your standard furniture. I have also included a buyers guide below the list, explaining any queries you may have. Feel free to take a look, they are quite creative!

AmazonBasics Book Safe, Key Lock

Dictionary Safe Product

The first secret safe on the list is actually a product from Amazon Basics and is one of the highest-rated safes within the list. It is a book safe that mimics that of the English Dictionary and features a hidden compartment that is big enough to fit jewelry, money and a key inside.

The book safe is one of the best secret safes you can buy right now, due to the fact that you can hide it within a bookshelf, where most shelves have over twenty books!

The safe can easily be disguised and hidden within the shelf, where only you would know where to look for it. If a burglar were to break into your home, they most certainly would not go rummaging through your books!

Pros: Concealable, Cheap, Looks and Feels Like a Real Book.

Cons: No Real Pages, Not an Advanced Security Lock

Mantle Clock Concealed Storage Compartment

Mantle Clock Product

For those of you who are willing to spend a little more for a secret stash, why not consider the Mantle Clock safe which can be picked up for around $50. The safe can be used as a means of storing cash, passports or any kind of valuables due to its large size.

It is a little more expensive than the other products on the list, but the clock actually works as a normal clock would, so it can also be used as a piece of furniture and blends right in with its mellow Walnut finish. The safe itself features a folding clock that reveals the concealed safe within. 

Pros: Concealed, Large Storage Space, Looks Fancy

Cons: Needs batteries for the clock, Expensive, Big

Ram-Pro Fake Rock For Keys

Rock Safe Product

This is one of the cheapest products on the list which can be picked up for under $10 and has the main intention of storing keys. The Ram-Pro Fake Rock has been made to look like a natural rock and has proved to be a very successful product on the market, especially for hiding house keys within the garden.

The Fake Rock can be hidden within grass, plants and other rocks for a really natural look and is made from molded poly-resin matches to resemble the look and feel of the real thing. There is a small hidden tray within, which will fit keys up to 8” in length. 

Pros: Realistic, Cheap

Cons: Can Only Use For Keys, Can Only Really Be Used Outside

Diversion Water Bottle

Water Bottle Safe Product

You may think that having a secret water bottle safe as a diversion is a bad idea, but you’re wrong it’s actually incredibly effective. The real benefit to this hidden safe is the way in which your valuables are hidden. The water bottle can actually be used for its real purpose, drinking… but at the same time, you will find that the bottom screws off to reveal a hidden compartment.

The compartment is zip tight making it stink-proof, and the bottle can be used for traveling mainly, but also for at home. If you don’t feel confident enough to carry valuables in your pocket, you could simply hide them in your water bottle and go about your day as normal.

If you were to be mugged, a robber would never assume that the bottle you are drinking from is also a secret stash for your money and valuables!

Pros: Multi-purpose, Smell-Proof

Cons: No Lock

Mounted Wall Clock

Mounted Wall Safe Product

Similar to the other clock on the list we have a plastic mounted wall clock hidden safe, which tends to be a popular product for those wanting to stash items amongst their homes. Manufactured by MAGHO, the plastic wall clock is natural looking and perfect for light valuables which will sit in the rear safe compartment of the clock. The clock also sustains an accurate time whilst coming in a smart brown colorway and is powered with one AA battery.

The real benefit of using this clock is the fact that it’s mounted and therefore can be attached higher on the wall and out of reach, whilst looking like a completely normal clock. 

Pros: Natural, Multi-Purpose

Cons: Cannot hold heavy loads  

Secret Safe Buyer’s Guide

What Is A Safe?

A safe is simply a storage item, usually being some sort of box, used to secure items. Typically, safes are used for hiding and securing money or valuable belongings within, to keep them away from others who may want to steal the contents of it.

Safes come in all shapes and sizes, whether that be a safe deposit box within a bank that is incredibly safe, or a small hidden secret safe like I have presented in my best secret safes list, built with a simple lock and key.  

Why Do I Need A Safe?
Many people use safes as a means of hiding their valuables inside. For example, you may have an expensive watch that you don’t like leaving around during the day. The watch may be easy to access if a burglar were to come in the house and try to steal it; you could use a small hidden safe to disguise and hide your belongings within the house; where a burglar would have no idea where to even begin looking. Some people may also want to use a secret safe to hide things from their family, like cigarettes for somebody with smoking addiction.

How Safe Are Safes?
Safes can vary in terms of safety due to the wide variety of different shapes and sizes that they come in. It also depends on how complex the locking system in the safe is. 

Where Do Burglars Look For Valuables?
If you were to put yourself in the shoes of a burglar (theoretically), where do you think you would look for valuables? You would most likely walk straight upstairs into the bedroom and look for a jewelry box for valuables to quickly snatch, or simply look amongst the house and grab items that are in plain sight like laptops and Televisions.

Usually, burglars won’t have time to check for secret safes amongst the house due to stress, anxiety and the fear of being caught by the police or by the owner of the house returning home. 

For this reason, secret safes are a great way of hiding valuables that you don’t want others to get their hands on. Some of the most meaningful and expensive items can be of a very small size, which unfortunately makes them easy to lose, but on the brighter side, very easy to hide. Using some of these incredibly cheap safes from Amazon could actually save you a lot of money and keep your worries at bay.

How Much Cash Can I Legally Carry?
In the United States, travelers are able to bring $10,000 in cash without reporting it to customs. But having that kind of cash can be incredibly daunting and many travelers won’t know whether to take their money out with them or hide it back at the hotel somewhere.

So if you don’t feel confident enough to bring it out with you due to the fear of being mugged, why not conceal it within a secret safe. 

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