We’ve all been there before, you go on a night out, spend a little too much money, and find that your bank account has seen brighter days in the morning. Many individuals will go out of their way to try and make their night a little cheaper by finding cheaper ways to consume beverages. Whether that’s sneaking alcohol into a bar, chatting to somebody for drinks, or hiding alcohol within a flask, there are a variety of different ways to do it.

The problem with flasks, however, is that they are blatantly obvious and you aren’t actually allowed to take your own alcohol into bars at all! So… if you’re feeling a little mischievous, or simply just fancy a drink during the day (I won’t judge), why not consider a hidden flask? The hidden flasks I am going to review in this list all take the appearance of a normal item that you would most likely bring around with you during a normal working day. Yes, some of them you may not get into a bar, but if you need a drink during the day whilst you’re out and about, or on holiday, why not consider some of these concealable hidden flasks?

Here are some of the very best hidden flasks you can get right now! 

GoPong Rain Umbrella Flask

Hidden Umbrella Flask

The GoPong Rain or Shine Umbrella flask really is a godsend when it comes to hiding beverages. For starters, you receive two different realistic looking umbrellas which both hold 12oz of liquid each, which when you have two of them, is more than enough to get you through the day. Most people tend to carry umbrellas with them during the day and even on nights out, especially when you live in a rainy state or country, so there is no way that you could possibly be questioned about them.

The actual brand name “rain and shine” is believable in itself, so I highly doubt you will be questioned upon arrival. If you are just using the flask to drink during the day though, please do be aware that you may receive some funny looks when somebody spots you drinking out of what they thought was an umbrella! 

The Umbrella is manufactured with food-safe materials and includes a mess-free pouring spout so that you can easily insert your choice of beverage within. 

Pros: Realistic, Two Products Included, Cheap

Cons: Easily Spotted If Drinking In Public, Can’t Use As A Real Umbrella

Sneaky Booze Sports Bra

Secret Bra Flask Product

Now for you men out there, I regret to inform you that you may not get away with this hidden flask, however that doesn’t mean I am going to stop you. The Sneaky Booze sports bra is one of the best products i have seen on the market in terms of hidden flasks, as you literally can’t see them one bit. The product has been designed for women as a means of hiding the flask underneath their garments and is leak-proof so don’t worry about any spillages (because that would be embarrassing). It features a liquid capacity of 25oz which really is more than enough when storing alcohol for a night out. You may be wondering how exactly you can get the alcohol from the bra, but it’s actually supplied through a detachable hose and tube which fits perfectly within the bra itself. 

Pros: Comfortable, 25oz Can Be Stored, Risk-Free Purchase (Can Be Replaced Or Refunded Within 30 Days) 
Cons: Only Small and Medium Sizes. 

Hand Lotion And Sanitizer Flask 

Secret Hand Sanitizer Flask

For all of you individuals out there who place emphasis on hand sanitisation and cleanliness, this is the perfect product for you. The premium hand cream hidden flask set manufactured by Alternative Imagination, is affordable and very believable. You will receive one hand lotion flask as well as a hand sanitizer flask which both store just over 9oz of your favorite booze. It’s perfect for holidays, cruises, hotels, pools and concerts and will fit really easily into a handbag. If you’re looking to spend a little less money, but still want a flask which looks natural amongst your everyday things, consider this product. 

Pros: Affordable, No Spill Pourer, 12 Safety Seals Included

Cons: If the product is picked up by somebody checking they will sense that it is fake (so keep it close to you)

Sunscreen Flask 

Sunscreen Flask

The Sunscreen hidden flask is the perfect companion for those hot summer days or holiday vacations. Everybody carries around sunscreen in the summer, especially when it’s incredibly hot. You can quite easily mask this hidden flask as sunscreen when visiting pools or theme parks or could even use it to sneak booze around on a cruise. The only trouble you may come across is where somebody may notice your real sunscreen, but who really can ever have enough of the stuff! 

The product allows you to smuggle 8 oz of liquor within each flask, and remember you get two, so that’s 16oz of alcohol if you bring both. This really is the perfect product if you are wanting to hide drinks in plain sight, and it’s also incredibly affordable, available for just under $10. 

Pros: Large Capacity, 2-Pack, Very Believable

Cons: Not A Known Sunscreen Brand

Hidden Flask Pouch 

Hidden Pouch Flask

The sneaky booze hidden flask pouch really is one of the best-hidden flasks in this list due to the fact that it’s accessible for everybody. The flask can be tied around the hips of an individual and hidden behind trousers or a dress. It holds an astounding 32oz of booze, so you don’t only have enough for yourself, but all of your friends too! 

The pouch is leak-proof meaning that you don’t have to worry about appearing as though you have wet yourself, and comes with a detachable spout and house. It’s a little more expensive than other products in the list, however, you are paying for quality with this product.

Pros: Huge Capacity, Detachable Spout Included, Concealable

Cons: More Expensive Than Other Products

Tampon Flask

Concealable Tampon Flask

One of the highest-rated hidden flasks in the list has to be the fake tampon flask. It’s the perfect hidden flask for women on a night out due to the privacy of the product. Nobody is going to think of rummaging through your tampons on a night out, it’s a fact. You could quite easily take your flask to the toilet and consume the alcohol on the quiet without anybody realizing it.

The only problem with this product is that males couldn’t get away with it and that each tube holds a maximum liquid capacity of 1fl oz. You do however get a pack of five, meaning that you have a total of 5oz to last you the night. Remember though, you could theoretically take these anywhere with you.

Pros: Affordable, Private Flask (Won’t Be Questioned), Concealable

Cons: Gender Dependant, Don’t Need All Five Theoretically

Bangle Flask 

Wearable Hidden Bangle Flask

If you’ve been looking for a flashy new wrist accessory and a hidden flask, why not kill two birds with one stone. The hidden bangle flask is an unbreakable and rustproof bangle made out of stainless steel and capable of storing 3.5oz of liquid. It’s aesthetically pleasing and incredibly simple to fill up with booze, all you have to do is unscrew the lid and there’s your drink full. It also makes a great gift for birthdays and Christmas presents’.

Pros: Fashionable, Easy Fill, Stainless Steel

Cons: More Expensive Than Other Flasks On The List, Fit May Be Dependant On Size Of Your Wrist

Beach Tote Flask

Beach Bag Flask With Storage

The most expensive yet best-hidden flask within the list has to be the beach wine purse which holds an astounding 1.5L of liquid within. You will be more than ready for a beach day or holiday getaway with this hidden flask and you don’t even need to be discreet about it either, because who doesn’t love a drink on the beach. 

The flask allows you not only to use it as a normal bag with plenty of storage, but also discreetly fit booze within its contents. The storage pocket is also insulated meaning that you can keep your booze chilled for hours; perfect for those hot summer days. Yes, it’s a little more expensive than other products on the list, but its functional, aesthetically pleasing and incredibly practical.

Pros: 1.5L Of Liquid!, Can Also Use As A Normal Bag, Fashionable

Cons: Heavy When Full

Tie Flask 

Tie Flask With Hidden Spout

For all of you guys out there who love rocking a tie on a regular basis, I think I’ve found the perfect product for you. The tie flask has become incredibly popular for those sophisticated nights out in the city and those miserable train commutes where a small sip of your favorite beverage would brighten up the day. The tie has a liquid capacity of 8oz which is more than enough to see you through the night with the occasional swig. The way in which you can consume the beverage is through a collapsible funnel at the end of the tie itself, so it will literally just look like your bored and sucking the end of your own tie when taking a drink.

There are a variety of different ties to choose between in terms of colour and size, as BAXBO, the manufacturer, really have tried their best to cater to different styles and body types. You don’t even need to use this flask for alcohol either, sometimes it’s hard to carry around a water bottle, especially if you’re wearing a suit, so why not keep some of the water within the tie and have a drink when you need to.

Pros: Variety of different colorways and sizes, Discreet, Collapsible Rubber Funnel

Cons: If somebody was to touch your tie they would feel the liquid

Ice Flask 

Concealable Ice Box Flask

Another great hidden flask within the list is the ice block hidden flask. It’s perfect for those summer days by the pool where you have a bag full of food and drink and want to look like you’re trying to keep them nice and cool; little do the staff know you’ve used them to store a whopping 14oz (28oz total) of your favorite beverage each!  They will not attract the attention of baggage searchers, so can be used for a variety of different trips and getaways. 

You may find that with some products that there is some text on the back saying what they are used for, so be sure to scribble it out or peel it off. (Not all products have this)

Pros: Large Capacity, Believable

Cons: No Leak Seals Included 

Binocular Flask 

Fake Binocular Drink Container

If you’re into your gamedays, festivals or bird-watching, these hidden flask binoculars will serve you well. The flask has been manufactured to mimic real binoculars, except one of the eyepieces will screw off to reveal a funnel where you can fill the flask. Each individual eyepiece will store 8 oz of liquid and a shoulder strap is included with the product so that you can easily hang the flask naturally whilst you’re walking around on your game day. Please do remember however, that these aren’t real binoculars and if the liquid leaks into your eye, you may look pretty stupid when consulting a doctor! (So bear that in mind)

Pros: 16 oz, Shoulder Strap, Affordable

Cons: Can’t Use As Real Binoculars

Deodorant Flask 

Fake Deodorant Flask

Without us all admitting it, sometimes we do get a little bit stinky after a hard workout or day at work, so carrying deodorant with you on a daily basis is a very normal thing to do. This makes the perfect opportunity to make use of the hidden deodorant flask, which mimics that of a real bottle. The fake deodorant can conceal 7 oz of liquid within, and is made from lightweight and durable metal meaning that there is very little chance of the product leaking. It’s also incredibly cheap to pick up, so be sure to check out the product on Amazon. 

Pros: Little Chance Of Leakage, Great Birthday Present/Christmas Stocking

Cons: 7 Oz, Not As Believable As Some Other Products

What to Consider


Drinking in public is representative of the open container law, which prohibits many individuals throughout the world from drinking their own beverages in public. These laws have been put in place quite rightly, to reduce alcoholism and trash, which has therefore led to better behaviour, cleaner streets and increased business for bars and restaurants. You should always make sure to check the laws surrounding open container laws in whatever country or state you are in. 

How well hidden is it:

You need to make sure that you don’t bring attention to yourself when using your hidden flask. If you are caught drinking from something which is blatantly fake, you may be questioned on what you are drinking, even if it is just water. Make sure that the flask is well hidden at all times to avoid prying eyes.

Get your story straight:

One key thing to remember is to always keep your story straight. What I mean by this is that if you are caught with one of the hidden flasks above, you must have a believable story as to why you have that particular item with you. If you are believable enough, no further questions will be asked. 

What else can you use a flask for? 

Of course, flasks aren’t purely used for alcohol because quite frankly in most places throughout the world you can’t drink alcohol in public. Many people will resort to flasks as a way of storing their water throughout the day without having to necessarily go out and purchase drinks from the shop. 

  • Water
  • Hot Drinks
  • Juice

Brief History Of Flasks

If you thought that hip flasks were a relatively new accessory, I’m afraid you’re completely wrong. They have been used for centuries! According to slightlyalabama.com the origins of flasks can be traced all the way back to Paleolithic humans living in the stone age, who will have used animal skin pouches with fermented wild grapes inside; (A.K.A Wine) just eluding to how long the human race has been consuming alcohol. As time has passed, humans have continued to use hip flasks, but advanced in terms of materials used. 

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