If you’re looking for somewhere to hide your spare key and want to avoid hiding it in an obvious place, look no further than these genius hiding spots. Most people will tend to hide their spare key under a doormat or accessory by the backdoor, which is an incredibly obvious place for thieves to go and look so that they can enter your home to steal your valuables. According to UK based home insurance company LV, after attaining official Police data, it had been concluded that ‘more than 6000 burglaries in 2014 involved the culprit using a spare key to gain access to the property’ as opposed to breaking entry. This, therefore, presents the idea that thieves will look for a spare key before breaking into a home to avoid bringing attention to themselves. Make sure to consider some of these hiding places if you want to hide a spare key.

With A Neighbour or Trusted Friend


The best possible place to hide a spare key is with a trusted neighbor or close friend. You must make sure that you’re comfortable leaving your spare key with them and if they decide to take it, check where they are keeping it. Having a close relationship with a neighbor will greatly decrease your chances of being broken into and will also be beneficial if you think that a thief may be casing your home.

Secret Safe

One of the best possible places where you can hide a spare key is within a secret safe. Secret safes come in all shapes and sizes and replicate normal objects but have a storage compartment within. Secret safes such as fake rocks, clocks, and water bottles can all be used to hide a spare key.

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In Your Car

Man with car

If you want to refrain from hiding your spare key outside, the next best place to hide it would be within your car. You could store your spare key in a variety of different places throughout the car, whether it be the boot, the spare tire, or within the glove box. 


Birdhouses are a great place to hide a spare key because of the fact they blend into their surroundings well and are usually high up within the trees. Most of the time a thief will not spot a small birdhouse within the trees as they are looking for obvious hiding spots. 



Have you ever wondered why the middle of a brick is hollow? Yeah, me neither… If you’ve had some work done to your home and have some spare bricks lying around, why not stack the bricks together and use them to conceal your spare key.

Underneath A Patch Of Grass

Whilst hiding a spare key underneath a patch of grass may sound like a chore, it is one of the best possible places to hide a spare key. Make sure to put your spare key within a small security box or plastic box and dig out a small area in your garden where you can then hide the box. You must make sure to remember exactly where the key is hidden otherwise there will be a very small chance of you ever getting it back. The only problem with this hiding spot is that it would require having a spade or shovel, so make sure one is accessible to you. 

Water Hose


Most homes will have a water hose for feeding plants in the garden, and whilst its main purpose is for watering plants, this handy piece of equipment also makes the perfect hiding spot for a spare key. With most water hoses you can take the head attachment off to reveal a small compartment. This compartment has ample space to fit a spare key in. Simply screw the top back on and you’re good to go! 

Watering Can

A watering can is also a great place to hide a spare key and preferably a can with water in it. The reason why you should keep water in the can is that if a thief decided to pick the can up without water in it they would hear the key within the can. Water would disguise the whereabouts of your spare key, just remember to tip the water out before you retrieve your key.

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