Smoking is an incredibly dangerous habit which many individuals find very difficult to pack in. Some adults will have started smoking way back when they were children if their parents did; which most likely has led to a lifetime of smoking. When coming to quit, it’s no lie that most smokers will have a pack of cigarettes stashed somewhere creative so that they won’t be found out by their partners, parents and loved ones. Their thoughts being, if they are craving the occasional one, they can get one out of their trusty stash. If you have no idea where you can hide cigarettes then your in luck as you may not have thought about some in this list. 

Where Can You Hide Them?

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In The Garage

If your partner or parents have the idea that you may still be smoking, the first place they are going to look is going to be in your bedroom. For this reason, although it’s out of your comfort zone, it’s best to hide them elsewhere. If you have a garage why not hide them in a bag amongst the pile of rubbish you most likely have in there.


You could hide your cigarettes within a waterproof plastic bag, pull out your flowers and hide them underneath within the pot. Not for one minute will your partner think of taking out the plants looking for cigarettes! 

Underneath Your Bed

Although it’s not the best idea to hide items within your room, you may be forced to. If you were to hide them in your bedroom, it would be a good idea to stash them in a bag of some sort underneath your bed. Especially if it’s messy like mine is underneath. People tend to leave all sorts of boxes and paperwork underneath to make space, so why not hide a packet amongst them. 

Secret Safe

One great way to disguise and hide objects, in general, is in secret safes. I have conducted a list of the best secret safes you can buy right now which you can view. The list includes the likes of a fake dictionary with a hidden storage compartment, which can then be hidden amongst a bookcase; as well as another product which comes in the form of a wall clock, that you can also use as a secret stash. You would have to be very unlucky to be caught red-handed if you were to hide your cigarettes in one of these. 

Underwear Drawer

Hiding anything in your underwear drawer is always a good idea, especially due to the fact that nobody is supposed to wander into that drawer anyway! If you hide it amongst the pile, it will be easy for you to find and hard to find for others. 

Leave Them At Work

If you’re uncomfortable with leaving them at home why not just hide your cigarettes at work. At the end of the day, you’re a grown-up remember! 

In A Briefcase

Nobody is supposed to go through your work stuff because it’s supposed to be private. Why not conceal a packet with all of your work documents in your briefcase. 

In A Shoe

Hiding cigarettes in a shoe may sound stupid at first, but think at the end of the day as long as you have relatively large feet, you could store them right at the end of the shoe, tucked hidden away. 

Glasses Case

Realistically you probably own a couple of pairs of glasses which come with cases and most likely don’t even use one of them to store the glasses in. You could quite easily storage cigarettes with. 

Spare Tyre

Now, this method of hiding cigarettes is incredibly clever as I couldn’t ever imagine anybody looking here for one minute. Most vehicles will usually come with a spare tyre as standard, where you pull up the trunk or boot of the car to find that there is a concealed tyre and tyre kit underneath. Now, in the middle of the tyre, you could quite easily fit a packet of cigarettes in there. Of, course the worst part of hiding a pack here is that it’s incredibly difficult just to have a quick cigarette, but if you are supposed to be quitting anyway, why not make them less accessible. 

How Do You Hide The Smell Of Cigarettes?

If you have smoked before, then you know just how long the smell can linger for, especially on your hair and nails. So, how exactly do you hide the smell? Here are some great ways of doing so.

Brush Your Teeth

Sounds simple, but the first thing you should do is brush your teeth after you’ve had a smoke, as at the end of the day that’s the passage being used to inhale smoke and nicotine. 

Take Mints/ Chewing Gum

If you’re out and about and don’t have easy access to a toothbrush, be sure to mask the smell of smoke by eating chewing gum or strong mints. 

Scrub Your Hands And Nails With Soap 

Without you realising, the smell of smoke sticks to your nails and that’s the reason as to why you may see many long-term smokers with yellow nails. 

Air Purifier

Using an air purifier in a room you have smoked in will quite literally purify the air and aid in bringing back a natural smelling room.

Open Windows

An obvious one really, open the windows for the smoke to exit. 

Avoid Smoke Coming In Contact With Your Hair

Many women who tend to smoke will put their hair up when they have a cigarette due to the fact that the smell sticks to hair. Be sure to wear a hat or tie your hair up.

Use Deodorant

Spraying yourself with deodorant or perfume will not instantly resolve the smell, however, it will aid in masking it. 


Funnily enough, using moisturizer on your hands is a great way to take the smell from your hands due to having such a strong smell. 

Separate Clothes

Bringing a spare change of clothes can be tedious, but remember they will be fresh smelling. 


Most effective and obvious one on the list. Take a shower!


As a disclaimer, smoking is incredibly dangerous and not a hobby/addiction that I condone. If you can avoid smoking, in general, I would as it is the biggest cause of lung cancer and costs the authorities millions per year. According to, around 480,000 people die a year in the United States due to smoking, including more than 41,000 deaths resulting from secondhand smoke exposure. This blog is intended for those who are already unfortunately addicted and struggle to hide their addiction. 

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