A diary is a small book which contains a daily record of your best-kept secrets, experiences, and events, and is something many people cherish. They are kept solely as a means of remembering your past life events and offer the chance to read back through some of your proudest and happiest moments. Due to the interesting contents within, they, unfortunately, tempt other people to try and read them (usually being eager brothers and sisters who want to wind you up). If you’re a victim of one of these people and want to keep your secrets secret, here are some of the best places where you can hide a diary. 

Where To Hide A Diary


In Your Room:

Your room is the most obvious place to hide a diary of your own, because I mean, where else can you really hide something so personal to you? If you can’t stop your family and friends from entering, here are some places where you can hide a diary in your room. 

Under The Bed

It may sound obvious, but you should consider hiding your diary under the bed. It may be an obvious place for others to look, but how often do you see somebody checking underneath your bed. It’s also the perfect place to hide a diary if you have lots of clutter and junk underneath, which you can hide the diary within. 

In Your Wardrobe

Be sure to hide your diary within your closet/wardrobe amongst all of your clothes. Although it may make your wardrobe a little messier, you can fit smaller things in between your clothes and at the bottom of the wardrobe with clothes covering the diary. You may also have drawers in your wardrobe, where you could also hide the diary.

Within Clothes (Coat)

One place that somebody wouldn’t suspect you to hide a diary is within your clothes. If you have old coats and jackets that don’t fit you anymore, why not put them to use? Be sure to hide your diary within an old jacket pocket, tucked away out of plain sight. 

Out Of Your Room:

Secret Storage Compartments

Secret Clock

If you really fancy going to town, why not consider a secret storage compartment like a hidden flask or secret safe. These secret storage compartments have been created to mimic those of other ordinary household items. For example, you could invest in a simple clock for your room which offers a space within to store items; a perfect place to hide a diary. 

Within A Bookcase

Somewhere you may not have thought about hiding your diary is actually within a bookcase, just make sure that you’re stealthy and don’t let anybody see you put it there. If your family home has a bookcase, why not conceal the diary amongst the other books; that way, no one would suspect of its whereabouts.

Disguise It As Something Else

If you’re a fan of DIY, why not take the time to disguise your diary as another book. You could quite easily cut out two sides of printed paper and use glue to actually disguise it as another book. 

Put It In A Laptop/Gaming Box

If you’re an avid gamer or are lucky enough to own your own laptop, why not make use of those old boxes that are tucked away in the cupboard and use them to hide your diary. The box could then quite easily be tucked away underneath your bed and out of plain sight. 

Stick It Underneath A Desk With Tape

This will require a lot of tape, but trust me it works. If you have a desk in your room, you could sellotape your diary to the bottom of your desk, and nobody would have any idea it’s there unless the tape decides to give way. 

Take It Everywhere With You

If you are really struggling to hide your diary within your home, you may have to take it everywhere you go. If you usually take a bag or backpack with you on your day, you may be forced to hide your diary within. 

In A Shoe box

Shoe boxes are the perfect size to fit a diary in. If you’re an avid shoe collector and haven’t thrown away your shoe boxes, why not use them to conceal your diary.

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