Whether you’re young or old, there’s always going to be a time where you feel that you need to get out of the house. Whether it’s for a lackadaisical walk or you want to sneak out to attend your best friend’s birthday party; gaining approval from your partner or parents can sometimes be a difficult task. For this reason, many individuals take it upon themselves to try and sneak out of the house unbeknown to their partner/parents. Many of those who have sneaked out tend to get caught and get into trouble. So, for this reason, I compiled a short guide on what the best way to sneak out of the house is and some key things you need to consider. 

Why Would You Need To Sneak Out Of Your House? 

Here are some reasons as to why you may need to sneak out of your house:

Meet Friends

If you’re younger and your parents are making it hard for you to meet up with your friends, you may take it upon yourself to sneak out of the house and try to meet them. Always remember to take into account the consequences of sneaking out and the punishment that your parents will have in mind for you.


Similar to meeting up with friends, your parents may have taken a dislike to your boyfriend/girlfriend and are making it difficult for you to meet up with them. If they don’t attend your college, but live closeby, you may want to sneak out for an hour or two to meet them.

Get Fresh Air

Getting fresh air is of mass importance not only in terms of headspace, but also for health reasons too. If you are locked in and are in need of some fresh air, you may have to find a way to sneak out for a short while. 

Escape Negativity

If you have found yourself indulged in a negative atmosphere and need some time alone to think but are ‘locked in’, you may want to sneak out of your house. For individuals who struggle with depression or anxiety, having space to yourself if of mass importance. 

Go To A Party

If you’re a teenager, the most common reason as to why you may need to sneak out of your house is to attend a friends party. It’s best to sneak out for a couple hours, stay sober, and don’t bring any attention to yourself when sneaking back into bed. They’ll have no idea that you went at all if you sneak out according to plan.

How To Sneak Out Of Your House 

Sneaking Man

Make a bed dummy for your bed

Although this may sound like a joke, it surprisingly works. Before heading to bed, most parents will open the door quickly and have a quick glance at their sleeping child as they have every intention for them to stay asleep and not wake. Rarely will they physically go to their bed and check that they are asleep; especially if their child is a teenager. For this reason, using a fake mannequin for your bed will work 99% of the time.

If you would like to make a realistic one, you will have to find a wig or hair which looks similar to your own, and make the body out of pillows or cushions to resemble your body underneath the duvet – here is a guide which may help you.

Put a lock on your room

If you were to put a lock on your room you would completely deny access to your parents, so use this one at risk. If you were to lock your room, you would have to leave a note to say where you have gone just incase of emergency, but in terms of sneaking out, this gives you the opportunity of escaping out of your window. (as long as it isn’t dangerous) 

Learn your parents/partners sleeping habits

One of the key things to consider when sneaking out of your home is your parents/partners sleeping habits. Of course, every single individual has their own personal sleeping habit, however according to Sleep.org, it takes the average individual between 10-20 minutes to fall asleep. If you are wanting to quickly sneak out, I suggest waiting 30 mins before deciding to sneak out.

If you are wanting to minimize the risk of being caught, make sure to wait a little longer for them to enter deep sleep. This usually takes around 1hr 30mins before an individual enters this stage of the sleep cycle meaning that they are much harder to wake. 

How To Sneak Out Of Your House During Day 

Sneaking out of the house during the day is definitely more difficult than at night, as your folks/partner are likely to be awake and keeping a close eye on your whereabouts. The best way to avoid getting caught during the day is if you are sneaking out for just a short while, as they will most likely need to communicate with you in the space of a couple of hours. I would only recommend sneaking out during the day if you want to pop to the shop or go and get some fresh air; and think about using some of the excuses that I have listed later in the article.

Here Are Some Key Things To Consider:

Set up a decoy – Similar to how you would make a fake bed dummy, you could use one of these, or alternatively, use a lock on your room and play music relatively loud so that your parents simply think that you are staying in your room.

Use the ‘tired’ or ‘upset’ excuse – If you tell your parents or partner that you need some alone time in your room as you are upset or that you need a few hours rest, that should more than likely buy some time for you to pop out for some fresh air. 

Plan your escape route – Knowing and executing your escape route is of mass importance if you are trying to plan a sneaky getaway. Whether it be you climbing out of your window, tiptoeing through the hallway or setting up a diversion, you need to make sure you’ve got an action plan. 

Learn of their future whereabouts – If you have an escape route planned, you should also study your parents/partners habits and guess their whereabouts in the following couple of hours. For example if you know your parents tend to have a snooze in the afternoon or are doing housework/garden work, this could be the perfect opportunity to sneak out of the house. 

How To Sneak Out Of Your House At Night

Use a fake mannequin

Like I have mentioned previously, using a decoy mannequin is a great idea if you are wanting to create an easy diversion, and it’s 1000 times more believable at night as opposed to during the day. If you make it appear as though you are sleeping, your parents will most likely close the door and head to bed themselves, meaning that you have bought plenty of time to stay out of the house. 

Wear your going out clothes underneath/hide them outside

If you are heading to a party, be sure to wear your going out clothes underneath some baggier clothes so that if caught on your way out of the house, you won’t be questioned. You could also hide these clothes somewhere dry outside to get changed into after. 

Climb out of your window

Use this tip with caution, however, if you live on the bottom floor, you could quite easily use your window to sneak out.

Do not attempt this if it is dangerous, as you could seriously injure yourself doing so! 

Good Excuses For Sneaking Out:

Man being quiet

If you happen to be caught upon arrival back to your home, be sure to avoid using those common bad excuses for sneaking out and use one of these:

“I heard a strange noise outside and wanted to investigate”

“My friend was in desperate need” – come up with an excuse: breakup, parents, issues, homework

“I lost my phone at the park

“I couldn’t sleep so went for a walk”

“I heard screaming outside”

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