If you’ve just met somebody on a date that you are particularly fond of or have a girlfriend/boyfriend that your parents don’t know about, you may be tempted to try and sneak them into your parent’s house. The task itself isn’t easy and the implications of being caught can be drastic, meaning that the relationship could be put to a stop. However, you are willing to take the risk because you have something special with this person and you want to spend as much time with them as you possibly can. Alternatively, you may have a friend who your wife/husband isn’t fond of and want to sneak them into your house. 

How To Sneak Someone Into Your House

Map Plan

The Plan

As you should know, all successful missions always start out with a good plan. You must make sure to assess the whole situation and prepare yourself for any difficulties you may encounter on your way. In terms of sneaking someone into your house, you need to make sure you know exactly where your partner or parents may be and figure out what the best possible way of sneaking into the house is. Be sure to take into account any alarm systems which may expose you, how visible you may be from the windows, what you are going to wear; they will all make a major impact on the success of sneaking in.

What Time Is Best?

Timing is key, you must use the time to your advantage in that you need to work out what time is best to sneak your friend/partner in. It may be advantageous to sneak them in whilst it’s dark so that there is minimized visibility and all you may need to worry about is wearing darker clothes and to keep quiet. 

If you’re planning to meet your new boyfriend/girlfriend and only want them around for a short period of time; and you know that your parents are due to spend a couple of hours out of the house mid-afternoon, this may give you ample time to spend some quality time with your newfound love.

Make sure you have a good idea as to when your parents will be returning home, and also ensure that they leave your house before they have returned and you have removed all evidence of them being there.

Hiding Spots

If you are unfortunate and are close to getting caught, it may be beneficial to scout out some of your best hiding spots within the house beforehand. You have to consider the likelihood of being caught in the hiding spots you find and assess whether or not you could stay there for a long time; because it may turn out that your friend may have to spend a long time there. Once the coast is clear, they could flee from the hiding spot and getaway. 

Use Phone/Walkie Talkies

Mobile Phone

This may sound a little silly but using walkie talkies or a phone to keep short and concise contact when sneaking around is a brilliant idea. We send small messages to our friends all of the time without even thinking to orchestrate a meeting, so why not do the same when sneaking them into your house.

Using text messaging or short concise codes on walkie talkies from afar will allow you both to synergize with one another and sneak in more efficiently. For example, one of you may spot a problem that is about to encounter, which will allow you to inform your other half of what is about to happen, and then you can both work around it.

If you’re already in the house, you can use your communication skills to guide your friend or partner to sneak them in successfully.

Consider Where Your Parents/Partner May Be  

As I mentioned before you really need to keep a close eye on the whereabouts of your partner or parents if you are planning to sneak someone into your house. If they are already at home, you must be sure to work around their whereabouts and find another entry for your partner without being caught.

Avoid being too obvious, and try to find out your parent’s plans for the day. If you know of there whereabouts at specific times, these timings can be incorporated into your plan from the start. If your parents are already out of the house, keep track of time, and try and work out when they will be returning home to best avoid being caught.

Be Sneaky

If you’re naturally quite loud footed and find it difficult to be quiet, you will most likely struggle to be sneaky. Being sneaky requires the ability to keep a low profile without raising anyway awareness. You may find yourself having to wear the right shoes so that you don’t squeak around and tip-toe around the house so that nobody has any idea of your whereabouts; and the same goes for whoever you are sneaking in.

The task isn’t easy but you can become more sneaky very easily if you try hard enough. Be sure to wear dark plain clothing, tip-toe, and be more aware of your surroundings than ever to become more sneaky. One of the hardest aspects of being sneaky is having the ability to tell white lies well. If you’re not good at keeping a straight face you are going to struggle with this task, as you may have to come up with random legitimate (sounding) excuses if prompted by your parents. 

How To Avoid Being Caught

Sneaky Man

Remove All Evidence

Yes, it’s not an actual real-life crime scene, however, it may be in your parent’s eyes. If you have been banished from having this particular individual in your house and are found to have had them around, all hell may break loose. You should make sure to remove all evidence of them being at your home. Make sure they have all their belongings, there is no mess, no hair; even make sure to spray perfume or deodorant in case they have a strong distinctive smell. If there is no evidence, your chance of being caught will be much slimmer.

Have A Back Up Story

You must make sure that you have a backup story just in case you are caught. If they find that you have snook your friend into the house, you must come up with a legitimate reason as to why they are there. Be sure to use the excuse that you needed help with your classwork or you needed some advice about something. Another note to take is to always stick to the same story otherwise your parents will be able to tell that you are lieing. 

Have An Escape Plan

If you thought sneaking someone into the house was hard enough, you may also have to try and find a way to sneak them out at the same time. If you don’t have any decent hiding spots to use and your parents/partner have hastily returned home, you must have an escape plan in place to avoid being caught.

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Make Sure They Are Also Alert

You must make sure that both you and your partner are on the same page. If they are completely unaware that they shouldn’t be at your home, your chances of being caught are much higher. They may be too noisy and get you caught without having any idea whatsoever; plus it may make you look like a bit of a jerk if you didn’t even bother to let them know. 

Don’t Lose Track Of Time

If you know that your parents/partner are going to be out of the house for a couple of hours and they are due back at a specific time, don’t forget that! Be sure to keep an eye on the clock at all times and allow some extra time for them to leave before your parents return home; just in case they decide to come back early. 

What Else To Consider

Respectful Dad

Be Respectful To Parents

At the end of the day, if you are sneaking your boyfriend/girlfriend into your family home and you know that your parents disapprove of them, you are actually being disrespectful even though you may think you’re not. There may be a reason as to why they dislike your friend and it is your job to try and change that opinion. You also have to consider the consequences of being caught by your parents but also your friend’s parents as well, as being caught may actually bring a halt to the relationship itself. 

On the contrary, if it’s you who is being snuck into your friend’s house, make sure it is safe to do so – make sure you trust the person and you are not going to land yourself in any danger.

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