Most people have something interesting about themselves that they like to keep as a secret. It may be somebody that you fancy in school, or could even be a hobby that you think others would find embarrassing. Sometimes it’s hard to keep these kinds of secrets to yourself, especially if you have a tight-knit group of friends who tell each other everything! Unfortunately, sometimes, friends may tell another person who they think won’t tell and your secret becomes well known to absolutely everyone; it sucks, but sometimes people speak without even thinking. So, if you’re one of those people who really struggle to keep information to themselves, here is your guide on how to keep a secret. 

Below are some of the most important things to remember if you want to keep a secret

Be quiet

Don’t Tell Anyone

Rule number one when it comes to keeping secrets is to not tell anybody! This is so obvious, and it’s obvious because it works. If you resist the temptation of telling friends and family your secrets, how could anybody ever question you? It’s easier said than done, I must admit, but if you remind yourself every day to keep it to yourself, you will not let the information slide. 


Self-realization is an important factor when keeping secrets. If it’s you that is keeping one of your friend’s secrets, be sure to remember that they trust you with their secret and you cannot tell another living soul about it unless they say you can. For example, if you know who your friend fancies in school, avoid making any conversation about that particular individual, try and defer the conversation without being made to look like you’re hiding something. Keep composed and try not to look shifty, because sometimes your actions speak without even saying.

Keeping A Note

A really simple way of not letting information slide is to remind yourself with notes. If you are really bad at keeping your mouth shut, why not set a reminder on your phone each morning to stop yourself from spreading gossip.

Removal of Evidence

If your secret is a hobby of yours that you want to keep to yourself, be sure to remove all evidence. If you have your friends over for the weekend and don’t want them to spot any evidence of a secret hobby, try to hide any photos or dead giveaways. If you have secrets stored within a personal diary, be sure to hide your diary somewhere within your home and out of view.

Don’t Post To Social Media

Social Media

If you have just joined a new sports club that nobody knows about, remember to refrain from posting images of yourself to social media. You can also disable the tagging feature so that you won’t be tagged in any embarrassing photos shared by others. 

Keep A Password On Your Phone

If you have friends or family who like to route through your phone when you’re not looking, be sure to set a password that nobody can guess to stop them from spotting anything on your phone. 

Organise Your Photos

If you like to share your photos with your friends and know that there are some embarrassing secret photos that you don’t want them to see, why not organize your phone into albums. You can even set locks on particular photos so that it’s only you that has access to them. 

Brief Mom And Dad

If your embarrassing secret is one that is only known by your parents, you need to make sure that you brief them and let them know that you don’t want anybody knowing about it, even Grandma and Grandad! If your family doesn’t know it’s a secret, they are likely to gossip with their other relatives and friends without you even knowing. 

Don’t Share Your Friends Secrets

Friends having a conversation

If you want to keep a secret of your own, you also have to be good at keeping others. If you have told one friend a secret and don’t want it to slide, you need to make sure you don’t reveal theirs. If you tell somebody about their secret, they are likely to reveal yours! 

Think About The Implications Of Sharing A Secret

You must remember to think about the implications of sharing a secret. Some are harmless and would do no trouble if they were to ever slide, however, others may make you pretty upset if they were ever shared. Whenever you’re telling your friends about something new, think about the implications of oversharing and what harm could come of it. 

Remember To Behave Naturally If The Topic Comes Up In Conversation

As I mentioned before, your facial expressions sometimes speak better than words do. If you are gossiping and the topic of conversation is about something you are trying to keep secret, try and refrain from looking awkward and make it less obvious that it is bothering you.

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