Let’s face it, your room is the most important place in the house, especially if you’re protective of who enters and leaves. We are programmed from a very young age to be protective of our own things and especially our valuables, so keeping them safe is imperative. Not many people will see the benefit of setting up a camera in your room, but there are a variety of different benefits of doing so, especially in terms of safety.

So… if you’re using the camera for home security or want to keep a close eye on your room whilst you’re out of the house, be sure to check out some of these tips on how to hide a camera in your room. These tips can be used for the kitchen, living room, garage or pretty much any place within your home.


The rules around hiding cameras in a room are very strict and can raise a few privacy issues, especially if it’s in a bedroom and somebody else also uses that room! A camera in your room should NOT be used to spy on other people as that is incredibly illegal and can be deemed as perverted by authorities! 


Invasion of privacy is an incredibly serious matter as having indecent images of individuals is VERY ILLEGAL, you will be prosecuted and sent to prison. 

How To Hide A Camera In Your Room

Remove The Body Of The Camera

If your fairly tech-savvy, one of the best ways of concealing a camera is to take off the body shell of the camera itself. The shell is pretty bulky, which makes it difficult to hide cameras in general. If you take the shell away, you will be left with the camera itself and attached wires, which are much easier to hide. 

Camouflage it with A Skin Case

Cameras can be disguised within other objects, especially if it is a small camera, check out what I mean below: 

Despricable me camera skin case

Use A Fake Diversion Camera

Diversion cameras are increasingly being used to trick individuals who break into properties so that they have no idea of other hidden cameras. What I mean by this is that if somebody spots a visible camera, they will make it their priority to avoid that particular camera and will be unaware of any others that are concealed. For example, trail cameras that can be hidden for home security can be set up in a way that one camera is blatantly obvious and the other camera is hidden recording. A perfect way to catch a thief.

Use Plants

Plant used to hide a camera

Plants aren’t only beneficial in improving the aesthetics of your room; they are also perfectly capable of hiding cameras within; especially if the plant is fairly large or has big leaves. If you were to use a mini camera, you could attach it to the stalk of the plant secured with some small wires or zip ties, where the camera would be covered by overhanging leaves. The plant could then be placed so that it offers the perfect recording view for home security. 

Store On The Light

A camera could be placed behind a bedside lamp or another lamp within the room. You could even try and find a way to secure a camera on the overhanging bedroom lamp, which would give you a great viewing angle of the entire room, especially if you have invested in a 360° camera.

On Top Of A Shelf

Why not place a camera on a high shelf to provide a good recording angle of the room. If the camera is placed high up, there is a reduced chance of somebody entering your room and spotting it.

Within A Book Shelf

Shelves are perfect for storing or hiding items that you don’t want to be seen, especially when you already have a lot of items stored there. A perfect example would be a bookshelf; the camera could be perfectly placed between books to hide the camera within. The only problem with hiding it here is that you may not have a great camera view, however, this is totally dependent upon where your bookshelf is. 

Poking Out Of Clothes On The Floor

For all you messy people out there who like to leave your clothes littered on the floor, why not make some use of your messiness. You could quite easily store a mini camera within a coat pocket or on the edge of a sleeve, and it would be well concealed. If a thief was to break in, they would most likely move clothes off of the floor which means that they may spot the camera and steal it, so use this hiding place with caution.

Why Would You Need To Hide A Camera In Your Room?

Protect Belongings

If you’re a teenager and are sick of your siblings entering your room and stealing your belongings or money, you may set up a camera so that you can prove to your parents that your sibling is stealing from you. You could equally hide a camera in your living room as a thief is more likely to try and steal a television or any other expensive technological devices.

If you’re an adult, you may want to set up hidden cameras throughout your property when going on vacation. By setting up cameras in each room, you will feel at ease if you know you can watch your home from afar, and contact the police if anything seems strange. 

Spot Ghosts

In the past 30+ years, security cameras have been increasingly used as a means of catching ghosts and all things extra-terrestrial. If you’re a firm believer of ghosts and ghouls and are paranoid that there is a spirit within your premises, you may want to set up a hidden security camera so that you can catch the footage and watch it back. 

Catch Thieves

A key reason why you may need to hide a camera in your room is for home security and to catch potential thieves. Most adults tend to store jewelry boxes and valuables in their rooms and thieves will tend to go looking there first. The evidence produced from the hidden camera in your room can then be given to the police to pursue the case and catch the thief. 

See If You’re Sleepwalking

A study found by CBS News found that more than 8.4 million Americans have been found to sleepwalk. If you suspect that you’re doing this, a camera could be set up in a way that you can watch yourself as you sleep. Yes, this sounds a little creepy, but you may have found yourself waking up in different places and wondered how on earth you ended up there. Turns out that you may be a sleep-walker, and catching this on camera would prove it!

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