A home is a place where our children are raised and we laugh with our families; A place where we should relax and leave our stresses outside of the front door. You should never feel uneasy and unsafe at home, however, it’s no word of a lie that many homeowners suffer from paranoia in that they are scared of their home being broken into by thieves. Because of this, there has been greater emphasis placed on home security and investing in technology which provides an extra layer of security. A device that many homeowners have begun investing in is a peephole camera, which works as both a doorbell and a security camera. Many homes throughout the world and especially the United States have been found to use peephole cameras to provide vision of who has knocked at the door or is waiting at the gate. It provides an opportunity to stay away from the door and call the police if there were to be armed robbers at the door. For this reason, I extensively researched some of the best peephole cameras you can pick up right now in 2020. Check them out below: 

1. Ring Peephole Cam with Echo Dot

Amazon Echo Dot and Ring Peephole Camera

If you’re looking for a device that will improve your quality of life as well as home security, then be sure to invest in the Ring Peephole Cam which comes with the ever-popular Amazon Echo Dot. This Ring Peephole Cam makes the top choice for the best peephole camera due to its 1080p high definition and the included Amazon Echo Dot which can be used for a variety of different tasks. Not only is the Peephole camera aesthetically pleasing, but it can also be installed with ease and provides the opportunity of being able to see and speak to somebody at the door without physically having to be situated there. 

Not only will you receive mobile notifications when somebody comes close to the door due to clever motion detector technology; the Ring Doorbell also offers the opportunity of recording all of your videos for up to 60 days meaning that in terms of security it excels. You will not have to worry about vacation anymore when you can see the view of the front door from afar. This costs a small fee of just $3.00 a month with a Ring protect plan. 

Pros: Free Echo Dot, High-Definition, Two-Way-Talk

Cons: Payment Plan For Recorded Videos

2. Ring Video Doorbell Camera

Ring Video Doorbell

There is a reason as to why Ring are popular within the home security sector and that’s because their products are awesome. The Ring Video Doorbell is one of their best sellers and my choice for one of the best peephole cameras due to its high-definition camera, accessibility and compatibility with the Amazon Echo Dot, a piece of technology which is standard in many American homes. The Ring Video Doorbell features 720p recording technology which provides high definition images and can be connected to your phone, tablet or echo dot to provide notifications when somebody rings the doorbell or comes close to your door. This has been made possible due to motion detector software  within the device. 

The real selling point to the ring doorbell is it’s compatibility with the Amazon Echo Dot, allowing users to speak to whoever is outside through saying the phrase: “Alexa, talk to the front door”. Having this feature makes life so much easier for those of you who are weary of opening the door and want to maintain a safe distance from strangers and delivery men. Similar to the above product (as it is the same manufacturer) you also have the feature of being able to record all of the footage with an affordable ring protection plan at just $3.00 a month. 

Pros: Compatible, High Definition Camera, Recording Features, Night-Vision

Cons: Have To Invest In Plan To Receive Recording Feature

3. Eufy Security Peephole Camera

Eufy Security Camera and Speaker

Taking the third place on the list is the Eufy Security Peephole camera which sits in a price range similar to that of the Ring products. The product differs in that it offers the opportunity of having no monthly fees for maintenance and offers a similar user experience. The Eufy camera offers 2k visuals meaning that the quality of images and video is crystal clear and also offers a 2-way audio to communicate with whoever is on the other end of your door. The Eufy peephole camera is also aesthetically pleasing with its modern looks and can be installed with ease in very little time. 

The technology used in the Eufy product is innovative in that its motion detector capabilities excel with the ability of detecting body shape and face patterns, which will then send a notification to your smartphone. The product can also be synced to your amazon alexa or Google Assistant as opposed to your smartphone, alerting you if the camera senses somebody. All footage taken on the camera is also encrypted meaning that nobody will be able to tamper with the data collected.

Pros: 2k Visuals, Connected With Amazon Alexa/Google Assistant, No Monthly Fees

Cons: A little more expensive than Ring products. 

4. UOKIER Doorbell Camera

UOKIER peephole camera

The Uokier Doorbell Camera has made the top five list of best peephole cameras due to its affordable yet fantastic capabilities. The camera is available for under $100 dollars and shares many of the same technological features which the more expensive products hold. The camera is waterproof, wireless and allows for 2-way communication so that you can speak to whoever is at the doorbell with ease and don’t have to worry about your camera breaking in harsh rainy conditions.

The camera used is 1080hp high definition allowing for clear quality images which also has night-vision; and also begins recording as soon as somebody comes within range of the camera, with data being stored on a 32gb pre-installed SD card. Don’t be worried about being woken up at night with false alarms either, as the UOKIER doorbell camera has been specifically designed to allow the motion detector to only recognize human shapes.

Something else which is pretty cool about the camera is that you can set voice messages for when you are away on vacation. What I mean by this is that you can leave a voice message telling the delivery man, for example, to take the parcel back or leave it with a neighbour without having to worry about the where being of your delivery products. 

Pros: Affordable, Night-Vision, High-Definition Camera

Cons: Not compatible with Alexa, Powered with batteries

5.  Sonew Peephole Camera and Viewer

Sonew Doorbell Camera and Viewer

The most affordable peephole camera on the list, but not one to miss out on, is the home view doorbell camera by Sonew. The camera takes under 5-minutes to install and is incredibly affordable if you aren’t looking for a camera which is really high-tech. The product is small and resembles that of a cat-eye and fits perfectly on your door so is fairly minimalist, which makes the product perfect if you are using the camera for the intention of home-security. The Sonew product features a 3.5” color screen which is fit on the other side of the door so that you can see who is at the door without having to squint.

The camera has a rear view angle of 120 degrees, allowing for a wide spectrum to be recorded, and requires 4pcs AAA batteries to maintain power. When the camera loses charge, simply install new batteries again and you’re good to go. 

Pros: Affordable, Simple to Install, Camera Connected to Viewing Monitor, Don’t have to view on smartphone or tablet

Cons: Not Compatible With Amazon Alexa, The screen fitted to the other side of the door.

Buyers Guide:

What Is a Peephole Camera?

A peephole camera is a technological device which works as both a security camera and doorbell. Rather than physically having to walk to the door to look through the peephole, you will be able to see who is standing at the door from your smartphone or monitor. You could also use the footage recorded from the peephole camera to spotcheck if someone is casing your house.

How Does A Ring Peephole Camera Work?

Ring Peephole Cameras work in a way that you can still answer your doorbell whilst not having to physically be situated there. Most devices will provide you with a notification on your smartphone or tablet if somebody is at the door as well as live video footage of the individual at the door. Notifications are sent due to the sensors which are located within the device. 

What Makes A Good Peephole Camera?

Design – Having a design which not only fits on your door well but also provides great aesthetics is important for those of you who love your home.

Affordability – Make sure you balance the price with the included features when shopping for your next peephole camera. 

Night Vision – Having night vision is paramount when searching for a peephole camera as otherwise, you will not have a 24/7 vision of the outside of your front door. If you have purchased a peephole camera with the main intention of boosting your home security, be sure to invest in a camera with night-vision capabilities. 

Camera Quality – Resolution is a key factor as to how good a peephole camera is and you should always take this into account when searching for your next product. Not only does high definition footage make it easier for you to identify who is waiting at your door, but it helps massively in terms of home security. If a thief were to come to the front door to check out your home and you have footage of what they look like and their distinctive features, this footage can be passed on to the police to aid in their investigation. 

Charge – Making sure that your device has great battery life is important as you don’t want it to die on you when you need it the most. Be sure to look for products with long-lasting battery life and easy to charge capabilities. 

Can You See Into a Peephole?

No, many individuals seem to think that you can actually see into a peephole from the outside but have been proved wrong as soon as they have tried. The reason as to why you can’t see through it is because the peephole is made from a fisheye lens which only works from a single direction, meaning that on one side of the fisheye you can see a wide viewing field, and on the other, nothing but blurriness. 

How Do You Make A Peephole?

You can make your own peepholes, however you should be careful and think about getting one fitted in case you damage your front door. 

Click here to view a guide provided by Home Depot, which will aid you in installing your own peephole. 

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