I would always consider taking the doctor’s advice when it comes to any medical problem, but if you don’t want to pay extortionate prices for hearing aids and are struggling to afford expensive ones, why not consider some of these cheaper alternatives that you can find on Amazon. As always, it’s important to speak to a doctor to gauge what the best possible route is, because at the end of the day using your ears is a necessity in life, and having the sense of hearing is priceless.

This article is made for those who are tired of watching expensive hearing aid ads and don’t have a pocket deep enough to afford them or simply just want to try another product on top of their own. I also focus on invisible and hidden hearing aids due to their popularity, because some look so natural you can hardly see them and being able to hide things well is always beneficial.  The devices are very small so they fit perfectly behind the user’s ear and can easily be covered with hair; making them practically invisible. 

What is an invisible hearing aid and how does it work?

A hearing aid is a device used to improve hearing for those who are slowly finding it more difficult to hear things. They tend to use a microphone, amplifier, and speaker and generally increase the volume that you usually hear on a day to day basis. Electronic signals are created through sound waves received through the microphone and are amplified through the speaker for the user to hear better; so it’s best to think of them like a little speaker that sits in your ear. 

Can you get invisible hearing aids?

According to the US National Library of Medicine in the International Journal of Audiology, it has been found that “it may be more likely that appearance is a significant barrier to acquisition of a hearing aid because people who are concerned about what it looks like maybe less inclined to get their hearing checked and subsequently be fitted with a hearing aid.” which may be a reason as to why so many people tend to opt for hidden hearing aids.

Many individuals who use hearing aids are hung up on the fact that it may make them look old or stand out and want to try their best to avoid prying eyes by using a more subtle and discreet device. Of course, the hearing aid in itself cannot be invisible so use the term loosely, but being small and skin-colored makes them more hidden than standard hearing aids.

This makes them perfect for those people who like to keep these insecurities hidden and discreet.

How much does it cost for hearing aids?

Invisible hearing aids on Amazon can cost anywhere between the region of $30-$300 making them a fraction of some prescribed hearing aids. 

Hearing aids can be incredibly easy to lose due to their small size and justifying paying thousands of dollars at a time can be incredibly strenuous, so many users decide to invest in a cheaper pair to find that sometimes they work just as good.  The hearing aids in this list are some of the best invisible hearing aids that you can buy on the market. 

Banglijan Hearing Amplifier  

Banglijan Product Image

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Overview: The Banglijan hearing amplifier is Amazon’s choice for the best-hidden hearing amplifier in the US and this is due to a few reasons. The device is rechargeable and only takes between 1-4 hours to charge using a simple USB before being used for up to 24 hours; meaning that you may only have to charge the device in the morning before you have a days worth of use out of it. The price is also incredibly affordable at $124.99 – being cheap in comparison to other hearing amplifiers. You can change the volume of the amplifier to best suit your ears, and the hearing aid itself is incredibly small, fitting nicely and discreetly behind the ear. 

Pros: Affordable, Quick to Charge, High Quality

Cons: Other hearing aids have longer usage after charge

What do customers say about it?

The product has incredible value for money, with easy to use and accurate volume control whilst having a clear sound quality. Customers have also concluded that overall the product has bettered their hearing.

Blomed Digital Hearing Amplifier

Blomed Digital Hearing Image

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Overview: The Blomed Digital Hearing Amplifier is another hearing aid that you can use as a substitute for prescribed hearing aids, with incredible quality for a great price. This generation amplifier has built upon its predecessor with better noise canceling features and can be adapted to different environments around you to allow for clearer hearing. The hearing aid is also very comfortable so can be worn for long periods of time without being uncomfortable. 

Pros: 40 hours usage once fully charged

Cons: Takes 8 hours to charge, however that can be done overnight. 

What do customers say about it?

This is one of the best hidden hearing aids on Amazon in terms of sound quality, comfort and value for money. The feature of environmental adaption has proved to be very good for all aspects of the day in a variety of different situations, where background noise can be incredibly off-putting.

FIIL Hearing Amplifier 

FIIL Hearing Amplifier Standard Image

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Overview: The FIIL Hearing Amplifier is one of the most affordable hearing amplifiers available from amazon for just $99.00+postage and offers great comfort and functions with an amazing price tag. The amplifier offers 12 band digital sound processing, as well as noise reduction, features to single out the human voice from surrounding background noises and simple to use the slider to adjust the volume to best suit the sensitivity of your ears. 

Pros: Price, Adaptive, Discreet

Cons: Accuracy amongst other devices

What do customers say about it?

Customers have concluded that they have used this product as a replacement to prescribed hearing aids due to the cost and have seen no problems with the product at all. Of Course, nobody wants to ignore audiologists and doctors’ wishes, but in many cases, this product has been just as good as expensive aids. 

FIIL Mini Hearing Amplifier

FIIL Mini Hearing Amplifier Image

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As you could probably tell by the name of the product, the true benefit of using the FIIL Mini Hearing Amplifier is the fact that it is very small. It is as thin as a nut and can hardly be spotted behind the wearer’s ear, meaning that it is incredibly discreet and is well hidden, especially with hair covering it. The product has long-lasting battery and is very comfortable with advanced technology and can be picked up around the region of $150.00.

Pros: Discreet, Nearly Invisible, Adjustable

Cons: Little Audio Delay, Accuracy, Need batteries

What do customers say about it?

The product is great from a price point of view, with the way it looks and feels, and fits great behind the ear making it very difficult to spot. Issues found have been due to little audio delays. It also requires batteries as opposed to being rechargeable.

Starkey Invisible Hearing Aids (Not Amazon)

Starkey Logo

Overview: Starkey Invisible Hearing Aids really are incredible and are a godsend when it comes to disguising a hearing aid. The products in themselves are tailored and customized for the user and are completely hidden as it sits right inside the ear canal. They also offer a wide range of different faceplate colors to suit a wide range of skin tones. 

Of course, these products aren’t from amazon so are less affordable than the rest of the products in this list; but if you are looking to spend a little more cash and want to completely hide your hearing aid, then using products from this company may be a good idea.

Some Commonly Questions Asked

Can you swim with hearing aids? 

You cannot swim in hearing aids; the hearing aid will most likely break or become majorly faulty. Most hearing aids are ‘splash-proof’ meaning that if a little bit of water was to land on them they shouldn’t be damaged.

Why do hearing aids cost so much?

According to hearing aid provider TruHearing, the expensive costs of hearing aids can be attributed to a large amount of research a development that goes into developing the technology and making them sound more natural. They also concluded that there is a very small market in reality and the professional service of otolaryngologists could also attribute to the cost. 

How often should you replace hearing aids?

With standard devices issued medically, hearing aids can often be replaced after a few years; however they do actually last many more than that, and in some cases, some customers may only ever use one set if it works well for them. The only real reason that hearing aids should be replaced is purely to improve sound quality, and like all technology, it soon becomes replaced with something better.

Can you wear hearing aids in bed?

According to most specialists in otolaryngology, it is a bad idea to wear hearing aids in bed, purely due to the fact that wax can easily accumulate overnight, and there is in fact no real reason to have them switched on at all. If anything, taking your hearing aids out at night may actually improve sleep quality due to less noise disturbance and more comfortability. 

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